Dress Code


Clubhouse Facilities

Acceptable Limits

Unacceptable Limits

Dining & Gaming Bar

Casual attire at all times.

   -   Offensive logos/printing on attire

   -   Cut off/frayed jeans

   -   Brief shorts

   -   Singlets & tank tops

Members' Lounge

Casual attire at all times.

   -  Golf shoes

   -  Swim wear

   -  Cut off/frayed jeans

   -  Brief shorts

   -  Singlets & tank tops

Sports Bar

Pool attire with top, sports wear and work attire

   -  Offensive logos/printing on attire


Sports Facilities



Neat attire at all times.

Correct footwear (no ripple soled shoes).


Neat attire at all times.

Correct footwear (black soled shoes not permitted)


-         Pennant Days

-         Sunday's,  Public Holidays, Sponsored Days, & Special Days

-    Social games


Full Bowls Victoria dress regulations apply.

Men and ladies must conform to current Bowls Victoria dress regulations as determined by the appropriate controlling committees

 Men/Ladies club/association dress standards as determined by controlling committee. For Wednesday twilight and practice session – neat casual dress and flat soled shoes are required

Golf - Men

Neat casual attire at all times

Shorts (not beach/football types) with predominately white sports socks

Denim trousers/shorts are not permitted

Shorts must have a collar and sleeves (turtle neck shirts are OK)

Tank tops or singlets are not permitted to be worn

Golf shoes or flat soled shoes are the accepted footwear

Boots, ripple soled shoes, sandals or thongs are not permitted

Golf - Ladies

(Please note alteration to By-Law 33).
Tailored shorts and slacks, ¾ pants, divided and straight shirts. 

Slacks not to be tucked into socks unless such attire is so designed

A shirt or blouse, preferably with a collar is acceptable.

No major advertising on clothing is permissible 

General Tank tops, singlets or football shorts are not allowed to be worn whilst using any sports facility.  Shirts are to be worn at all times except in the pool area


All children under 12 years old are exempted as long as they are approprately attired. Those over 12 years are required to comply with dress regulations. Children under 12 years old must be under adult supervision at all times.

Guests Fees:

Members, please ensure that guests are properly attired and have paid the appropriate fees either at the pro-shop or reception. It is your responsibility to do so. Failure to pay Guest fees will result in Member's privileges being suspended.

These Dress regulations, effective from 1st June 2011, will be monitored by Management / Sports Committees provided that the Board/Management may on special occasions and at its discretion, from time to time allow limited variation to these dress standards.

Board of Management